Cologne-Bonn Airport

Kennedystraße, Köln

Parking (P+R) at Cologne-Bonn Airport

Cologne Bonn Airport is the fourth-largest international airport in Cologne, Germany, which also services Bonn, the old capital of West Germany. At about 12.4 million passengers traveling through in 2017, it is Germany's seventh-largest passenger airport and the third-largest in terms of freight operations.

MOBIAN offers a variety of parking possibilities near Cologne-Bonn Airport which can be reserved online. Check the availability and prices via the MOBIAN booking tool, located on this page.

P1 Long term + Short term Parking Cologne Bonn Airport
Airport parking at P1 is for general parking and has a minimum capacity of 1,185 parking spaces.
There is a division between the Long and short term parking at the airport into separate zones and parking lot one by terminal 1 is for long-term parking. An hourly rate of EUR 4.50 applies in this parking lot, but a day rate of EUR 23.00 is also available. The same parking lot also has a small short term parking zone, where the first ten minutes cost nothing, and every 15 minutes after that, you will have to pay an additional EUR 1.50. The parking area is on level 0.
You can park your car at P1 long term parking lot for €33.00/ day. However, if you wish to park your car for the short term in P1, then you will be charged at € 4.50/hour.

P2 Parking Short term + Long term Parking Cologne Bonn Airport
P2 now offers general parking spaces with a minimum of 4,776 parking spaces, of which 66 are special, 300 parking spaces are for women, and 33 are approved for usage by drivers with limited mobility. On the parking lot, P2 vehicles can find 6,509 spaces for general parking and an extra 265 spaces reserved on the parking lot PN.

You can park your car at P2 long term parking lot for €159.00/ 14 days and € 89.00/ 3-7days. However, if you wish to park your car for a short term in P2, then you will be charged at €3.00/per hour.

Online Reservation Parking Cologne Bonn Airport
When making an online reservation at Car Parks P1, and P2 you should make a booking at least 24 hours before your arrival. For express bookings up to one hour before the start of the parking time, you will have to pay an extra €5. Remember that there is only a small range of exclusive parking available in P2 and P1, but early booking pays off.

Female Drivers Parking Cologne Bonn Airport
Cologne Car parking also has special zones for female drivers, and these parking spaces are at terminal 2 of the car park. This place is extremely safe, and there is even space for disabled drivers in this parking lot. Parking cost in this special location on parking lot 2 is EUR 3.00 an hour or half of it. The applicable daily rate for the first four days is EUR 23.00 per day. Following this, the cost is EUR 99.00 for parking for 5 to 7 days and EUR 59.00 for an extra week. Safety zone parking is marginally more costly and requires EUR 25.00 a day.

Parking Cologne Bonn Airport motorcycles/motor Scooters
Travelers should park their bicycle or motor scooter at a standard 2-speed parking garage in a different protection area (multi-story car park 2, floor 4, section D). To do so, please use the new entrance, which leads from the motorway to level 4 in P2. Try not to take a standard ticket at the entrance gate, but use the speech feature. You will be issued a ticket, and the barrier will open manually. The workers of the multi-story car park would then clear the security area for you to park your bicycle or motor scooter there.

Disabled Persons Parking Cologne Bonn Airport
Disabled persons in possession of a blue EU parking permit or whose official disabled individual passes are labeled' aG,'' H,'' B' or' Bl,' can, as a sign of goodwill, park free of charge (100 percent discount) in car park 2, short-term car park P1 K or P1A for up to 1 hour, upon presentation of the permit at the ticket office in P2 (Level 4, exit to motorway/autobahn) or the information desk. Please show your passport and your identification to validate that you are impaired. The presence of an individual with extreme disabilities is important. You'll get a discount for 1 hour.

Services at Parking Cologne Bonn Airport
There are multiple services provided at the Cologne Bonn Airport, consisting of:

Car wash and gas filling station
You can find a filling station and car wash services near P2 parking area at the airport.

Electric charging stations
There are ten charging stations for electric vehicles in car park 2. You can use these car charging points for free; however, you will have to pay for the parking in that area at the standard rate. The charging stations in multi-story P2 is at Level 6 in Sector A.

Parking around Cologne-Bonn Airport