Airea Parking KOLN

Poller Holzweg 7, Kreisfreie Stadt Köln

Parking at Airea Parking KOLN gives you:

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About Airea Parking KOLN

Parking Airea is a professional company that allows you to make your trip worry-free and comfortable. With Parking Airea, you drive up comfortably in your private car and our staff will guide you to a parking space. We offer reliability, completeness and above all friendliness. The distance to the airport is 6 km and has a driving time of about 9-10 minutes. Our pick-up and delivery service takes place at bus terminal 2D. Due to our interval times of approx. 30 minutes, we recommend that you arrive at the car park at least 3 hours before departure.

  • Free shuttle for 3 people. Each additional person pays 10 € surcharge. Max. 8 people - For delays of 30 minutes or more, additional costs apply i. H. €10. - For small buses (pick-up) there are fees from 20 €. - Two parking spaces must be booked for vans & transporters. - It is possible to stay overnight in your own vehicle in the parking lot. - One suitcase and one piece of hand luggage are included. - For each additional piece of luggage, a surcharge of €5 (small) or €10 (large) will be charged on site. - For bulky luggage (prams, bicycles, snowboards, etc.) there are costs i. hv €15 on.
Parking including shared shuttle

On the day of departure, you drive straight to the parking lot. Please report on the provider's desk and you will be transferred by shared shuttle bus to your final destination. Upon return, you contact the carrier by telephone, after which you will be transferred back to the parking lot.

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