Parking (P+R) à Leiden

LEIDEN Discover the atmospheric university city of Leiden with its countless beautiful museums, canals, and ‘hofjes’ or inner courtyards. If you visit Leiden in spring, you will also find yourself in the centre of the flower-bulb region! Leiden is dotted with surprising, hip and affordable restaurants. There are terrace ships in the canals in the center, making your meal and drinks even more special. Every Saturday the best market in Holland arises in Leiden’s city centre. Leiden is a lively university city that’s brimming with history and boasts a student culture that’s tangible just about everywhere. Cycling is inextricably linked to the character of the city and there are many cycle paths. Find more information about Leiden https://www.visitleiden.nl/en/landingpage

General information parking Leiden

Leiden is a busy city with little space for cars and expensive parking fees. The narrow canals causes traffic jams and there are limited parking spaces; FULL is seen on the Leiden parking garages. Avoid the crowds, avoid search kilometers and avoid expensive parking meters.

MOBIAN offers various options for parking in Leiden; these can be reserved online. Check availability and prices via the MOBIAN booking tool on this page.

Parking at MobiHubs in Leiden

There are various MobiHubs in Leiden where visitors, residents and companies can park in a safe, clean and affordable parking space. You will find the parking locations in different zones in the city. By using the MobiHub you can switch from your car to a bicycle. Park and Ride Leiden is an easy way to avoid the traffic. The large network of cycle paths and traffic lights makes cycling in Leiden easy and safe. Wearing a bicycle helmet is not mandatory. Pay attention! Since 1 July 2019, you are not allowed to hold electronic devices such as mobile phones and navigation systems in your hand while cycling.

How do you get from the Leiden car park to your final destination?

After parking your car in the parking lot in Leiden, you seamlessly switch to the bicycle you have reserved. This means you do not have to deal with waiting times or timetables. On the way you can stop and lock the bike as often as you want. Park and Bike offers free parking in Leiden if you rent a bicycle.

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