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Parking (P+R) at Edinburgh airport

Edinburgh Airport is an airport situated in the Ingliston region of Edinburgh City, Scotland, United Kingdom. It was Scotland's largest airport in 2018, handling more than 14.3 million passengers that year, a rise of 6.5 percent compared to 2017. It was also the sixth busiest airport in the United Kingdom, with a cumulative number of passengers in 2018. Edinburgh Airport rose by 3.1 percent in 2019 relative to the prior year for a record of 14,747,830 passengers. It is situated 5 NM (9.3 km; 5.8 mi) west of the city center, just off the M8 and M9 motorways. It is controlled and run by Regional Transportation Investors, who are also a significant shareholder of Gatwick Airport. The airport has one lane and one passenger terminal and hires about 2,500 people.

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Drop-off and pick-up charges at Edinburgh airport Easily situated outside the station, you can consider a designated drop off and pick up areas on the third floor of a multi-story car park. Both parking spaces: Entry and exit are barriers regulated, with a maximum stay of 2 hours^. Vehicles like cars, motorbikes, and minibusses are permitted, and payment may be made by cash or by credit card. Blue Badge holders are granted 1 hour free of charge in both zones.

Meet and greet parking When you come back from your vacation, a team leader of Maple will greet you at the same spot so that you can end your trip the way you began it – happy and hassle-free.

Mid Stay Parking at Edinburgh Airport Mid Stay parking is the middle ground between Short and Long Stay choices; it allows you a little more versatility, but it may be a little costlier. You've got two options for Mid Stay Parking, Mid Stay Car Park (MS), and Terminal Multi-Storey (TMS).

Long Stay Parking at Edinburgh airport There are many long-term parking areas at the airport. You can park your car at the parking areas mentiond above, if you are going on a long trip and the charges will also be less.

Disabled Parking All of the car parks have blue badge holder parking bays. If you would like to take your badge away with you, please first show it to a parking lot official to verify your parking lot. If you use the Drop Off-field, you may gain hours of free usage; this also extends to a vehicle that drops off a blue badge holder. Please talk to the intercom counselor as you arrive/depart. If a disabled person is using a drop-off or pick-up location, please notice that this is free for 1 hour.

Services: Read below to find the services at the airport:

Valet Services. You can afford the pleasure of dropping off your car with a devoted driver, who will park your vehicle for you and have it ready for you on your arrival at just £52.99 for three days of parking.

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