Airport Guglielmo Marconi di Bologna

Via del Triumvirato, Bologna

Parking (P+R) at Airport Guglielmo Marconi di Bologna

Bologna Airport consists of a three-story air terminal, which carries out different operations on each floor of the city. It is now a regional hub, with carriers providing services to a wide range of destinations. Restaurants and other dining services can be found on the upper deck, while the screening points and the boarding area for departure flights are on the first level. The ground floor of the terminal is for departures and two check-in zones. Motorists will be able to access the airport fairly quickly, since it is close to a variety of main roads and highways, and the parking areas are marked as they arrive at the airport.

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Short term parking
There are many parking options available at the airport. Read below to find some short term parking options:

Express parking
An Express Parking lot is located inside this parking area and is suitable for cars waiting for passengers to arrive, or for the unloading of passengers and their luggage. It is no longer permitted to park directly in front of the terminal building, not even to drop off passengers, and not to sit and wait for passengers to arrive. These rules are there for safety and security reasons at the airport. Express Parking lot provides 15 minutes of free space, at a fee of €2.20 an hour. You cannot use the Express Car Park for longer than five hours of parking.

Long term parking
There are many parking options available at the airport. Read below to find some long term parking options:

Parking area P1
The P1 car park is suitable for stays less than five hours and medium and long periods of parking. It is situated on the third floor of the airport and has just over half of its parking spaces under the canopy. There are also unique parking levels and designated places for City Cars in P1 (up to 2.5 m long) and spaces allocated for motorbikes.

Parking area P2
This parking area also includes an express car park and is situated near to the airport as possible. Otherwise, its use is similar to parking as P1. The P2 parking area is a safe multi-story car park, and all of the sections are protected. It also has the same designated areas as P1, so it is within walking distance of the terminal.

Parking area P3
You can use this Bologna Airport parking area for medium to long term, parking, and has a few enclosed zones. Most of the spaces, however, are open.

Parking Areas P4 and P5
The P4 car park is primarily used for long-term parking and is far from the terminal building than the other parking areas. It's 700 m from the air terminal, but there's a shuttle bus accessible to carry passengers and luggage. It is an open-air car park providing convenience in the form of wireless video monitoring. There are also SOS repair systems regarding issues with batteries and unique arrangements regarding work travels and holidays.

Valet Parking
You can find the car valet service at the P2 car park, which is a multi-story parking lot at Bologna Airport. It is a great alternative for passengers who have little time to discover a parking area, or for families with young children who find it easier to get to the terminal. The facility is accessible 24 hours a day, but drivers can request parking in advance.

Disabled parking
There is disabled parking available at both long term and short term parking spaces at the airport. You can contact the parking information desk for more information.

There are many services available at the airport parking, such as:
Valet parking
Car service
Car wash

Parking around Airport Guglielmo Marconi di Bologna