Hamburg Airport

Flughafenstraße, Hamburg

Parking (P+R) at Hamburg Airport

Hamburg Airport is Germany's 5th main airport and is 8 miles from the city center. The airport offers flights to several various places around the world. There are also flights to multiple cities in Germany and other major international towns. There are two terminals at the airport, and travelers can locate the information desk at each terminal.

If you are planning on using the Hamburg airport any time soon for your journey, find below the parking guide to make your trip much more comfortable. Hamburg airport has more than 12000 parking spaces available for you.

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Short term parking P1 Smart Parking Hamburg Airport Due to its desirable location directly next to the Fuhlsbuettel Bypass (Zeppelinstrasse), P1 is easy to access for both passengers and tourists. Two spirals to travel up and down the stairs make the car parking easy to use. Unlike the other car parks at Hamburg Airport, the current P1's parking spaces would be 2.50 meters wide, far beyond the required width. With an overhead height of 3.00 meters, level 1-5 provides extra room for higher vehicles. You can park your car here at level 1-5 for 5.00 € for up to one hour.

Long term Parking Hamburg Airport P1 Multi-Story Parking Hamburg Airport The modern, more spacious multi-story P1 car park, next to the terminals is open to assist you. Approximately 2,800 parking places are now accessible across six levels, for a gross area covering more than 70,000 m2. Hamburg Airport has a total of nearly 12,000 parking spaces accessible for both travelers and visitors. Since the completion of the current P1 car park, approximately 9,200 spaces are immediately next to the terminals. And there's also a piece of excellent news for long-term parking clients–opening the P1 also offers additional holiday parking which is at a walking distance of the terminals. You will park your car here at level 0 for up to € 6.00 an hour.

P2 Holiday Smart Parking Hamburg Airport You can find 710 spaces at the holiday smart P2 parking lot. It has nine parking levels for your convenience, and you can park anywhere between levels 0 to 9 at the P2 Parking lot. The 8th level is partially covered for increased safety of your car; however, level 9 is not enclosed, and it's open. It has limitations for the clearance of the cars; for example, you can only park a car here with a maximum height of 2.00 meters. There are three elevators in this parking lot for your convenience. Moreover, this parking lot is only 50 meters away from the terminal 1. You can park your car here for 6.00 € for up to one hour.

P4 Parking Hamburg Airport At the P4 parking lot, you can find 2481 spaces where you can park your car. There are three parking levels in this parking area, from level 0 to level 2. Level 2 is not enclosed; however, the other two are. There is a clearance limitation here, too; you can only park your car with a maximum height of 2 meters. For your convenience, there are four elevators that you can use. It is directly opposite terminal 1, plaza, and terminal 2, so you can easily walk up there and enter the airport. You can park your car here at level 0 for 7.00 € for up to one hour and at level 1-2 for 6.00 € for up to one hour.

P5 Parking Hamburg Airport
You can find 450 spaces at parking area P5. It has eight parking levels where you can park your car. These levels begin with level 1 to level 8. While levels 1-7 are covered, level 8 is not enclosed. There is a maximum overhead limitation here as well that your car should be of a maximum of 2 meters in height. You can find two elevators here for your convenience. Moreover, the parking area is directly adjacent to terminal 2, so you won't have to walk a lot to enter the airport. You can park your car here for 6.00 € up to one hour

P8-9 Parking Hamburg Airport
You can find 149 spaces in P8 and P9. There are seven parking levels in this parking area, levels 0-6. Level 4 is only partially enclosed. The maximum overhead clearance here is 2.00 meters. The parking lot is approximately 1.5 km away from the terminal. Moreover, you can also benefit from the free shuttle. You can park your car here for 5.00 € up to one hour

Meet and Greet Parking Hamburg Airport Meeters & greeters with electric vehicles can park at the departure level in the ticket machine parking area. You can park for up to a maximum of 60 minutes, free of charge. Upon reaching the permitted parking time or missed parking disk, your electric car will be fined.

Disabled Parking: You can ask for assistance at the information desk to help you park in the reduced mobility parking.

Services available Hamburg airport parking: Electric car charging: You can charge your electric vehicles at the airport.

Parking around Hamburg Airport