Aeroporto di Torino

Strada Aeroporto, Caselle torinese

Parking (P+R) at Aeroporto di Torino

Turin Airport, widely known as Turin-Caselle Airport, is an airport in the Metropolitan City of Turin, Piedmont, northern Italy. It is also known as Sandro Pertini Airport, honoring former President Sandro Pertini of Italy. A total of nearly 3,000 parking spots are available at the airport.

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Free to fly
Participants of the Free-to-Fly plan can quickly reserve the fourth floor of the building for use, and the top floor is for longer-term access for more than six days. Motorbike parking is also accessible next to the staffed Car Park Cash Counter, and this is a sheltered car park.

Short-term parking
There are many short-term parking options available at the airport. Read below to find some of the short term parking:

P07 parking
There is a car park called P07 at the airport, which is suitable for short-stay parking. The place is near the entry road to the airport, about a hundred meters from the terminal. It's an open-air parking lot with around 190 parking spots. Passengers can use this region for stays lasting between 24 and 48 hours, or only a few minutes an hour because the first 40 minutes of P07 parking are completely free. It is suitable for dropping or picking up passengers.
Parking is billed every hour after the first free 40 minutes of use, up to 8 hours. Afterward, the parking day would cost €11.00, two days €18.00, three days €50.00, four days €64.00, and five days €68.00.

Multistory parking Turin-Caselle Airport
Floor 0 of the multistory parking structure is used for short-stay parking and has 150 spaces open. It is also the place closest to the terminal building. It has six levels, five of which are enclosed with parking areas. Both floors have a capacity of 2,500 parking spaces, while the open-top level has 480 spaces reserved. Floors 1 and 2 have the majority of parking that may be reserved with long or brief visits. Floor 2 is dedicated to general to offering spaces for disabled travelers. There are 38 places designated for people with special needs, which can be accessed free of charge, so that the motorist may view a disabled parking permit granted by his / her municipality of residence. The multistory parking lot also features seven lifts with entry to all floors and toilets fitted for the needs of people with disabilities.

Long-term parking
There are long term parking options available at the airport. Read below to find some of the long term parking:

P10 parking
The long-stay open-air car park is in the P10 parking lot, right at the gateway to the airport grounds. It's about 250 meters from the tower. P10 has 160 parking places and is best for two or three days of parking (medium parking time). Up to four hours of parking at P10 would cost €12.00, and up to eight hours would cost €15.00. One day's parking costs €22.00, while two days are about €36.00. Following two days of parking, the rates are a bit lower. Three days of parking would be the same as one day of parking, and one week of parking would be €38.00.

Disabled parking
The multistory building complex is used for different types of commuting, from short-term to long-term, as well as for persons with disabilities. The multistory parking structure is situated only 35 meters from the terminal and has easy entry to the arrival and departure areas via the enclosed walkways.

There are many services that you can avail of at the airport.
Car wash
Disabled parking
Electric car charging

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