Aéroport de Toulouse-Blagnac


Parking (P+R) at Aéroport de Toulouse-Blagnac

Toulouse Blagnac Airport is a French airport situated in the city of Toulouse. It is commonly known as TLS, a platform for Air France and Easyjet. Approximately 9 million travelers travel through its gates per year, making it a big and significant airport and gateway to the metropolitan region. Passengers on departing flights, and those that are only visiting, can have a range of Toulouse Blagnac Airport parking services from which to choose. Parking is not free, but the prices are fair and reasonable.

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Short term parking:
Read below to find out the short term parking at the Toulouse Airport.

Express car parks at Toulouse airport
There are 2 Express car parks at Toulouse Airport, all within a couple of minutes' walk from the terminal center. These are still a very good choice for parking, but cars may rarely utilize such parking lots for a very prolonged period. The first is a drop-off region only, and people can use it for up to ten minutes. There are only sixty spaces in the zone that users can use for cars with a maximum height of 2.7 meters. It is always safe to use the parking spot for ten minutes. Airports also set up these parking spaces to lessen the influx of traffic on terminal roads from commuters who want to drop off passengers.

The second Express car park is best for you if you plan to stay for up to three hours. There are 368 slots, and the first 15 minutes are completely free. It would only cost 1 Euro for around 15 and 30 minutes so that it would cost 3 Euro for up to one hour of parking. In this parking area, the charges for two hours is 4 Euro and three hours is 6 Euro. The extra hours in the zone would cost 10 euros per hour.

The Toulouse airport proxiparks P1 and P2
These two car parks are bigger, each extending to more than two thousand meters. P1 has 2,528 spaces, P2 has 2,801 spaces. They're both located at the gate, about a minute's walk from the airport services. These are both enclosed areas and fitted with an automated network to direct drivers to the closest accessible room. You can easily find open parking spaces. The average vehicle headroom for the Proxiparks is 2.10 meters.
People who want to park for a few hours or days can use P1 and P2 parking spaces. The first fifteen minutes are free of cost. It would cost you EUR 7 for three hours, EUR 12 for nine hours, and EUR 15.90 for one day. Up to three days of parking would cost EUR 47.70, and a period lasting between seven and nine days would cost EUR 105.

Long term parking:
Read below to find out the long term parking at the Toulouse Airport

The eco parks P5 and P6 of Toulouse airport
Such parking spaces are by far the most cost-effective to utilize while travelers depart for a couple of days or several weeks. They are not in the terminal center. However, there are free shuttle busses accessible for transport. Shuttles depart the parking space every 12 to 13 minutes and start from their assigned shuttle stop outside Hall D. Passengers need not wait more than 15 minutes for a ride. Nonetheless, extra time will be required for transport by taxi. Vehicles over 4.25 meters in height can't park in P5, however vehicles of all heights can use P6. Both car parks have 3000 parking slots available for user convenience. Motorists at Eco parks must pay 12 Euro for parking around 10 and 24 hours, 34 Euro for three days, and 42 Euro if you park for four days. Ten to fifteen days of parking can cost 61 Euros.

Parking for motorcycles
There is a designated motorcycle parking space at Toulouse Airport, with 190 parking slots and two additional bike parks. The Motorcycle Park is in the Professional Park opposite Hall D, and the bike facilities are enclosed on the arrivals floor in front of Hall C and Hall D. These are both free parking areas.

P3 is another airport car park, but it is reserved mainly by those who make bookings. It's about a 7 to 8-minute walk from the terminal center.

Parking For disabled
Toulouse Airport is open for individuals with wheelchairs, and for those with other conditions, accommodation for disabled car parking is also available.

Parking services:
There are different services that you can avail at the Toulouse-Blagnac Airport car parking area:

Car wash
You can get your car washed at the airport, so when you come back, your car will be waiting for you all clean.

Electric car charging:
If you drive an electric car, you can charge your electric car at Toulouse-Blagnac Airport. You can ask for more information at the customer service desk.

Parking around Aéroport de Toulouse-Blagnac